Do you want to measure and draw your new cave quickly and accurately?

Do you want to see your tracks/routes as they develop? Use advanced and easy-to-use electronic gear!

Our system consists of a Leica Disto A6 distance meter and CaveSniper - an electronic compass integrated with a tilt sensor (or clinometer). Leica's distance readings (±1.5mm accuracy!) are constantly transferred to CaveSniper via Bluetooth. All other readings are also saved in CaveSniper's memory. CaveSniper is calibrated by us after we manufacture it and prior to supplying it to the customer and it does not require any further calibration once you start using it.

CaveSniper measures the azimuth accurately in any position – upside-down as well. Its ARM7TDMI processor calculates all readings quickly and precisely. Save an extra reading in any direction with all the parameters (distance, azimuth, tilt) and our software can then re-calculate it to standard LRUDs (left, right, up or down). All main and side measurements are numbered automatically and it is very easy to start a new side measurement track.

CaveSniper constantly displays all kinds of info about the cave: total length, vertical and horizontal info of the recent measurement as well as a handful of statistical data. Pointing in the right direction is very easy with the strong laser beam. CaveSniper has one hermetic button only which is programmed ingeniously to allow for a variety of actions. Despite its advanced possibilities, it is absolutely user friendly. All the readings can be immediately sent to your PC or PocketPC via Bluetooth. When camping or at a base, you can start up your WindowsMobile, transfer all the data from CaveSniper and immediately get all the views on your WindowsMobile PDA screen.

To provide seamless integration and compatibility with other software you may wish to use, our system allows you to save your data in five different formats: txt , dxf( including 3D), dat (Fountain Computer Products), kml (maps.Google.com) and plt (OziExplorer). CaveSniper's internal memory will save up to 8000 measurements. Hope you're lucky to find a cave which needs more! Flash memory keeps your data secure even when the battery is completely down. CaveSniper's Li-Ion batery is sufficient for a full day of work and can be quickly recharged with the provided charger or standard AA rechargeable batteries.