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 The MegaPlot company was founded in 1995 when its co-owners designed and manufactured their first prototype of a foam cutter. Out of a company known to a few, we have developed into the largest hot wire foam cutters manufacturer in the world.

In the past couple of years MegaPlot has broadened its scope of production. We currently manufacture and offer:

So far we have produced over 3000 machines and sold them to 49 countries. Our main markets include Poland, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Canada, USA, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Mexico as well as Former Soviet Republics. In all these countries our machines are appreciated for their highest quality and functionality.


The MegaBlock foam cutter is a computer-controlled device used to cut any shape in expanded and extruded foams. The hot wire moves in the Y and X planes thanks to microstepper motors controlled by the PC. This allows for a great cutting quality and high cutting speeds. We also offer numerous accessories which enable the user produce any shape, including very attractive 3D shapes. The TurnTable makes it possible to cut e.g. spheres, Lathe is irreplacable in column cutting, further possibilities come with the ShapeWire Tool. The brand new feature, Independent Axis Control, allows cutting of all kinds of taperred shapes.


MegaCut XMD Routers are computer-controlled machines designed for tooling such materials as EPS, XPS, wood, plywood, PCV, dibond or “soft” metals, such as aluminum, bronze, brass or copper. The MegaCut software allows you to engrave shapes in both 2D and 3D. This user-friendly application offers a number of useful settings and features enabling the operator to configure all the parameters for the project, such as the cutting speed, spindle rotation, order and direction of cutting. All CNC routers are equipped with ARM-based electronic controllers with USB support, compatible with Windows XP and Vista.


All MegaPlot “QSL” Laser Cutters are fully computer-controlled and equipped with an advanced “in-house” written proprietary software supporting plt (e.g. Corel Draw), dxf (e.g. AutoCad), G-Codes (e.g. VisualMill), RAW (e.g. Rhinoceros3D) and bmp (allows to mill a relief directly from a photo!).

Our 15-year of experience in machinery design and manufacturing ensure machines of excellent quality and well-thought-out features. MegaPlot also provides quick and professional warranty and post-warranty service. All our clients also receive free unlimited upgrades of our software.

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